The Chevy Malibu is something you might want to consider if you'd like to get a modern car that's compact and practical. It's something that we often recommend to customers at TOCCOA CHEVROLET LLC, especially since it's so affordable. The Malibu makes a solid first impression with its nice array of exterior features.

The lineup starts out with 16-inch wheels, but 17-, 18-, and 19-inch wheels are all available. Also available are heated and power-adjustable side mirrors that have turn signals integrated into them. It's little touches like these that customers can really appreciate.

If you'd like to let in some natural light into the cabin, opt for a model with a dual-pane power sunroof. The power sunshade can be closed when the sun is shining and it's getting warm in Toccoa. This type of advanced sunroof comes with a fixed glass skylight above the second row, which helps the cabin feel more open.

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