The Chevrolet Equinox is a crossover SUV that has been designed to provide the utmost safety for all occupants. It comes with multiple features that are available on other vehicles, but it also has some features that are only available on Equinox. This blog post will discuss five of these unique safety features.

1. Teen Driver Mode

Teen drivers may have a difficult time with certain safety features because of their inexperience. To help new drivers, Equinox has a teen driver mode that can control various features to help them adjust while they are still learning how to drive. For example, the dashboard will remind teens when they should be wearing their seat belts and when they should not be using their cell phones. This mode can also limit the maximum speed of the vehicle until the teen is more experienced with driving.

2. Rear Seat Reminder

Cars often have a pole in between the driver and passenger seat that prevents anyone from sitting in the middle seat while it is unoccupied. However, some passengers will intentionally not buckle their seat belts so they can sit in the middle. To prevent this, Equinox has a rear seat reminder that detects whenever someone is seated there and reminds them to buckle up using an alert tone.


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