Whether you're an experienced driver or a new one, everyone could use a few tips for road safety. In particular, bicyclist safety. As a driver, you have a lot more control, and here's how Toccoa Chevrolet recommends safely sharing the road with bicyclists.

For starters, stay below the speed limit by at least 10 M.P.H. when bicyclists are within your driving range. Although you see them, they may not see you. By slowing down, you improve the reaction time for yourself and the bicyclist, should any sudden movements occur by them. Another common occurrence in Toccoa, GA, and Lavonia, GA is bicyclists appearing in your blind spot. Pay close attention to road signs that indicate bike routes. Being aware that bicyclists may be in the area gives you more chances to be prepared if they suddenly appear out of nowhere. And it's always better to know the common hand signs used by bicyclists, so becoming familiar with them is highly recommended.

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